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Let's Wreck Something
Naw, let's make it interesting and Wreck everything
Yeah everything
I been put out and put down by everybody
I'm TRBL so everybody
What do you think I need Christ for?
I live and I die for?
Spit it like it's coming straight out a rifle
Stand like the Eifle
Tower, over you cowards
that pray on the weak that just sit back and cower
Not today yo, not no more yo
God gave me the go so it's on yo
Yeah it's on
God gave me the go so it's on yo
Word, so I'm cruising
Chuck Ts on headed to a different city bout to wreck something
Just lose it
Few roll with me but the ones that do
They call foolish, straight foolish
Cause you might catch me in your city with a dude
That just carried a AK that wanna make a life change
I don't care we just wreck things
Plus I do it for the ratchets
For my dudes with no bank accounts that keep stacks tuck off in they mattress
For my pops in a place he don't wanna be
For my brother locked up that ain't need to be
For the kid with the problem you don't care to see
That kid was me, that man is me
Christ the only good thing life handed me.


released September 25, 2013



all rights reserved


LOST in L9 Tampa, Florida

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